I know you’re wondering why the title of this site is The 9 Lives of Su….Well for one thing you probably don’t know this, but I have a very peculiar middle name. My middle name is actually Su-Kole….yea I guess my mom wanted people to think I was some Japanese superhero ninja or something lol *shrugs* but it’s actually pronounced Shhh-cole (ya know like coleslaw). She says that the H is silent like it is in Sugar…go figure!

Unfortunately, when most people look at my middle name, they butcher it. Almost everyone says Sue…so I just decided to drop the e and go by Su.

9 lives because the stories and the things I’ve been through, you might as well say I’ve lived the lives of 9 people.

I started this blog to tap into my creativity. I love writing and I love telling stories and generally everyone loves my stories…Idk why, but they always do. I feel as if this is a great outlet to release alot of the thoughts/ideas that I have.

I won’t just focus on my stories! I’ll also speak about travel, hair & beauty, upload some of my short stories and much more.

Well sorry….I guess I really was giving you an “About this blog”….let me get into my about “ME”

I’m 25…wait I forgot I just turned 26 recently… Originally from AR but currently reside in boring ole Atlanta. I have a B.S. in Computer Science that cost $180,000 but that piece of paper really hasn’t afforded me anything #JustBeingHonest
I love Art and everything about it. I sometimes moonlight as a makeup artist, graphic designer, hair stylist, detective, and aspiring model (well when I was skinny) I’d like to think that I’m a free spirit. I like strange things and I binge on psychological thrillers and mysteries.

In my other life, I was a secret agent…I’m sure of it! Ask my friends!

Overall I think I’m like anyone else. I struggle, I go through, I have ups-downs, and I’m still trying to find myself I suppose.