Are Dates still a thing?

In the new wave of Netflix and Chill, it seems like actual "dates" have become a thing of the past. A foreign concept...   I started believing that maybe women don't like being taken on dates until I lurked on a couple posts about dating in this day and age. The general consensus was, that … Continue reading Are Dates still a thing?



Major Key Alert!!! *DJ Khaled voice* One of the basic major keys of friendships and relationships and practically most things in life is, effort. How does a person become successful? Usually because they put in effort...When you want something that costs alot, you usually make an effort to save, am I right? Just think about … Continue reading Effort

My Unfortunate Interracial Dating Experience :(

There are so many memes floating around regarding swirling you'd think that it's easy to be in an interracial relationship, but on the contrary it's totally not! In my opinion it takes more work than it takes in a regular relationship. Going to college in Miami, I've experienced my fair share of interracial relationships/situationships considering I've … Continue reading My Unfortunate Interracial Dating Experience 😦