I tell ya no worries! About a thing….come to Jamaica and feeeel alright!


Strange back story on how I ended up in Jamaica so let me give you guys a brief overview!

Back in college, I had an old flame. I can’t say that it would’ve ever worked out because he lived in London and I was still in school and he didn’t want to do long distance anyway. I met him through a friend while he was on holiday in Miami and things went on from there. We had a big falling out and stopped speaking  over something I’ll probably speak about in one of my blog posts in the future.

He’s actually the reason why I have a passport and have had one since like 2013.

Anywho, he was half Jamaican and his father still lived there so he frequently visited on holiday from time to time. IDK how British people are always on damn “holiday” all the time but it beats me! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Fast forward we started back speaking and he wanted to see me. Initially he wanted me to come to London but he was only offering to pay for half of my airfare and I just didn’t like the idea of that so we later decided to meet up in Miami but he ended up asking me to just come to Jamaica because he was already going and it’d be easier for him. He’d take care of all the expenses and hotel fees and etc. there. So everything got booked and after a few weeks of excitement building up to the trip we ended up falling out again over the SAME type of stuff we fell out about before! (Well he didn’t fall out but I did because he was very distrusting of me and liked to analyze everything I did) so long story short I told him to forget it…I’d still go but I’d get my own hotel and that I didn’t want to see him or talk to him!

He advised me against going alone, but I’m an Aries…I’m headstrong and somewhat fearless!

I ended up booking my Hotel The Hyatt Zilara – Adults only All Invlusive resort. Initially I was staying for longer but since I was paying for my accommodations, I shortened my trip to only the weekend.

He continued reaching out, apologizing and still wanting me to stay with him and cancel my room but for all I know, I’d get to Jamaica and we’d fight and I’d be out on the street!

So… the date came and I went!

Note: This was my first experience out of the country and alone at that.

When I made it to Sangster, my hotel had a suite located beyond customs. I was greeted with a cold towel and a pink drink full of rum!

Let me note that Sangster is definitely not like the typical American airport you go to…it reminds me of something you’d see on a 1980s Lifetime movie! I’m quite sure they don’t even have air conditioning there but I’m just speculating judging by the bullets of sweat that dropped down my face.

Shortly thereafter the hotel’s bus came and picked me and a few other tourists up.

The ride to the hotel was awesome! I love culture so I was enamored by the views that I saw on my way there.

The bus driver taught us a few words like BOMBA CLOT And when I tell you the white tourists on the bus wore it out, they wore it outttt and said it to the hotel staff when we finally made it although they’d just been told that it was a curse word lol!

After I stepped foot off the van, I expected to go into a typical building and stand at a guest desk to check in.

oh no hunny!!

Everything was outside! We were escorted to an area in the middle of the building that resembled an outside living room. Our names were called, we were handed a couple objects and told welcome! (They usually also give everyone a glass of champagne but oddly it didn’t happen for my group)

The staff member walked off and I was confused! Didn’t I have to check in!? I opened my envelope and there was my room key. I guess when I arrived at the suite in the airport, I was checked in there.

I went inside because I wanted to put my things up.

Now I’ve stayed at a lot of different Hyatts in different cities but this one was immaculate! Granite floors (idk they looked like marble but I’m no expert so I’ll just say granit) and beautiful decorations.

I finally made it to my room and guess what!! Ya girl had been upgraded to a King suite!!

The room was outstanding and I had the most amazing view of the water!

To Be continued…….

More photos and info. on my experience soon!